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Northampton Soccer Club  is a  Pennsylvania Non-Profit Corporation. Has been officially granted exemption from income tax and classification as an IRC SEC. 501(c)(3) organization.

The Club is dedicated to the quality development of both the player and person. We strive to educate and train youth in teamwork and individual excellence. We aim to develop players and equip them with the skills necessary to advance in competitive soccer. We take considerable pride in providing an environment that is fun, safe and friendly, and that nurtures player confidence, positive self-esteem and good sportsmanship. Our aim is to provide a fertile environment for learning and improving the skills of players who have demonstrated the desire and potential to succeed in a more competitive setting. For more information on Northampton Soccer Club please visit our website at

We are soccer.

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seeking sponsorship contributions to cover the numerous expenses associated with club These include the following:-

Financial aid to qualifying players
Team tournament participation expenses including International and National travel Club field or facility charges including lights or gymnasiums Cost of uniforms, balls and other soccer equipment Additional professional coaches and trainers

Contribution levels have been established to be:

Sponsorship Level

Funding requirement

Promotional exposure provided to sponsor



Platinum plus banner logo on website, and logo on club T-Shirts


$10,000 to $19,999

Gold plus logo on all uniforms, website, field banners & print materials.


$5,000 to $9,999

Silver plus logo on one team uniform and website


$3,000 to $4,999

Bronze plus all print materials


$1,000 to $2,999

Website presence

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